Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Eco House

Here is a picture of an Eco House i found but it isn't my house below i will describe my house

My Eco House is going to have a bamboo frame because that is more Eco friendly and it will not mean digging into the earth bringing up metal having it shipped off to make frames or its better than cutting down a tree to make a frame! Its roofing and walls are going to be made out of growing trees and leaves. I am going to live a simple life without power. My bed is going to be made out of bamboo and i will probably bring my own mattress. I will build a sewage system where your 1's and 2's will slide down a hollow piece of wood into the river. So my house would have to be close to the river for this to work! I would use a camp shower that i would have brought over and that would be outside and i would have a drain which it falls into. Every now and then i would fill the hole AKA the drain in with dirt and dig a new one. Outside i would have a garden growing vegetables which i would work on regularly.

My way off cooking would be an open fire outside with rocks around it to stop everything catching fire. I would dig all the grass out for 5 metres on each side of the open fire. i would have lots of space for storage and if need be i would put up a bamboo bar to hold my clothes. Out side i would have a flax washing line to dry my clothes which will be washed in the sea (not in the river because that's were our 1's and 2's go). I have not yet worked out a way of getting fresh water but i soon will! I would make a bridge across the river to my other mates houses and to my farm land. I would live alone in my house so that i am not bothered by other people. I would rely on an open piece in in my roofing for light an i would make a flax blanket if i got cold. I would kill one of my sheep to make an under blanket for my bed and to make a pillow which would most likely be stuffed with leaves! I would have my Knife next to me on my bamboo table i am going to make. My fishing rod and tackle box would be with me in my house with a few other essential items. Other than that i would have my clothes, A spear, A torch (for eeling and spearing flounder),A picture of my family and some other things. I would regularly attend to my livestock and go eeling with my good mate Mouse wheel!!!

I would eventually make a bow and arrow so i can kill birds for feathers to make clothes and blankets. I would also make a spear where the tip came off and stuck into the eel or flounder so i can just pull it in. I would also make a road to the bridge and to the beach from my house. I might let some of my livestock run wild so i can go hunting and i would definatly bring over some pigs! My means of transport would be my mountain bike. Eventually i will build a mountain biking track!!! My only source of heat is my sleeping bag, My blankets and my fire OUCHEY. Thanks for reading feel free to leave a comment showing your thoughts on my idea.

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