Monday, May 11, 2009

Eeling Skill

Above Types of Hinaki's

These is a brief post on Hinaki's. Maori's invented the Hinaki (Lucky Guys! =}) they made there ones out of flax and sticks and stones to weigh it down. These days we use wire hoops and chicken mesh to make ours and it is no where near as successful as what the Maori's used to do! =) When the eel goes in a little funnel made at the front a piece of cloth goes over the top and the eel is so dumb it cannot get back through! You put a piece of meat on a hook tied on with nylon inside the Hinaki as bait when the eel goes in it gets hooked and that makes it impossible for it to get out! At most you can catch about 40 odd Kilograms of eel! (If your lucky LOL) another successful trick is tying a piece of string around you hand with a hook and meat on the end, then you go along putting you hand under the bank until you full a sharp pull then you yank upwards and stamp on the eels tail (that is were its nerve system is) until it stops moving. Well done you just caught an Eel Mareka style!

Useful Tips for eeling:

1) Have patience they are not as stupid as to dive straight onto your hook!

2) Have a spear or a knife or and Iki handy to stab it in the head or a stick you smack its tail into a bloody pulp (ALRIGHT!)

3) Use something stinky or bloody as a kind of attraction for the eels think of it as barley when you are rock fishing! It works i am sure of it because i have done it many times!

4) Smoke it and eat it, it tastes awesome (TIP TIME: Put lemon on it yummy) If you are not going to eat it chuck it back because if you take that innocent eels life you are a monster and if everyone was like you there would not be any eels to catch!

5) Chuck back 50 percent of your catch one good sized eel feeds two people!

6) Clean up where you have been positioned because eels come out of water at night and might swallow a hook that you have left there (The only reason they are dumb enough to eat it is because it will still have the bait smell on it!)

7) Eel at night eels are more active at night and you are best off using a spear it is more quiet.

8) Throw your line in close to the bank that is where the eels lie because it is dark!

9) Fish in shady places. One: because it can get hot when you are fishing which means sunburn and that can sometimes mean death from melanoma! Two: because eels like the dark!

10) Re-use unused bait as it is better than fresh bait when it comes to eeling. Soft plastics are also quiet handy as they can be re-used many times

So there now you are ready to become and accomplished fisherman congratulations and good luck! Remember those tips and you cant go wrong!

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